Uncovering The Thuth About Dinosaurus

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An incredibly exciting project: creating 3D animation for a documentary about dinosaurs. The film explores the reasons behind the extinction of these amazing creatures. We're proud to have been a part of its development.


The RainStyle Production team is thrilled to present the completed visual effects project for the film “Uncovering The Truth About Dinosaurs,” commissioned by the American film company Alchemy at ams for the Institute for Creation Research.

We created 35 animated scenes featuring photorealistic elements. Our preparation involved extensive research and reference studies, allowing us to breathe life into dozens of dinosaur models and bring meticulously detailed, photorealistic natural environments into the virtual realm—deserts, savannas, swamps, streams, and more. Most of the scenes were rendered using the Unreal Engine 4 game engine.

The biggest challenge was the extremely tight schedule. With 1.5 months of meticulous and productive work, we met the deadlines and delivered a product of the highest quality. This experience was both memorable and incredibly valuable for us. We’re grateful for our collaboration with the American film company Alchemy at ams, who appreciated the hard work we put into this project.

Project Details:

Uncovering The Thuth About Dinosaurus


The Alhemy

Type of Project

3D Character Animation, Visual Effects

Development Time

5 Weeks

What We Did

CGI Scenes for Documentary film

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