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Product rendering service

3D rendering of any processes often performs the task of explaining how something works, what it is made of and its purpose for an audience that is willing to make a purchase or investment but does not know enough about technological processes. The aim of the most engineering constructions, structures or mechanisms is more effectively shown only with the help of 3D graphics. Thanks to 3D rendering you can make the idea of complex mechanisms and processes more accessible to a wide audience.



Christmas toy

Christmas toy

glass of beer

glass of beer

The process of creating product rendering

For convenience and efficiency we divide our projects into stages that are first discussed and negotiated with our clients.

1. Gathering information about the project

To successfully execute the project we need detailed information about it. For 3D rendering are useful any materials such as photographs, links to examples of something you like, a detailed description of the task, desired camera angles. The more information you give the easier the working process will be. It also guarantees a more accurate result.
If you do not have all the necessary information we are always ready to offer our own solutions.

2. Pre-production

At this stage we obtain approval on the desired camera angles, decide on the required textures and make basic draft 3D models.

3. Creation of 3D models and assets

After everything is approved, we create realistic models and assets and then start working on the environment, light setups and rough scene assembly.

4. Production

Now we work on the visual appearance of 3D models to make them photorealistic, then finish the environment and get the scene ready for graphic post-processing.

5. Post-production

At the closing stage we put the finishing touches and get the project ready to be handed off to the client. The client gets the final product that they can instantly start using.
After post-production, the client gets the final product. The most important part of the process is that the customer is in full control of project implementation. As a result, you get exactly what you expected.

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