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Technical animation

Demonstrates work of the complicated technical devices, its’ application and use clearly. It helps to convey to the buyer all the advantages and nuances of devices or objects in full and simple manner. This presentation will be a powerful tool for attracting new customers. This technology allows you to realize the idea of unusual camera angles fully or to demonstrate a non-existent object in details.

Let’s consider clip making on the example of AtomTechMontazh project.

ATM is a company specialized on industrial ventilation systems’ engineering and manufacturing. They developed the air conditioning system for nuclear power plants.We had a task to create a spectacular video showing the whole process of their work to the public. It was planned to place the video on the website to illustrate an example of the company capabilities.
After receiving all the necessary information about the project we started to create a script that accurately reflected the planned concept “from drafts to the final product.” The clip was supposed to start with a drawing and we decided to show turbine parts as the starting point. Also, it was necessary to demonstrate several important components of the air conditioning system: turbine, heat exchanger, supply and installation, aircanal and control point of the entire system.

After the script approval, we moved to the basic components of the clip creation. The process was very laborious and time-consuming: many elements required further elaboration as it was necessary to show them very close. Along with this work we were developing the animatic that allowed seeing the weaknesses and refining the visuals of the clip. After approval of the animatic with a rough music version we moved to the replacing of the temporary models to the quality one and began to create visual effects: liquid, smoke, sparks simulation and etc.

Special for this project was developed an asset that made it possible to create qualitative models of air canal different sizes and shapes with the subsequent animation in short terms with the processes of their assembly and disassembly as demonstrated in the video. In addition, we implemented the asset that realistic showed the effect of a pipe quick freezing and intumescence of crystal. After the final rendering and compositing the customer received high-quality technical rendering.
With the clip advent on the customer’s the number of visitors has increased noticeable. This enabled to increase sales and company awareness. Moreover the clip was extensively used at huge thematic exhibitions that helped to distinguish the company against competitors.

Technical animation is well established at present. In comparison with other advertising tools it clearly shows all the product’s benefits and demonstrates its functions and methods of application.
Below you’ll be able to assess the work done.

result of work

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