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Marketing video

Are an effective way to promote your product, brand, service or yourself with success at market or abroad as well. Well-chosen visuals is a delicate and skillful tool to convey emotion and message of the author. It will help to reach the feelings of the viewer, to capture his attention and to achieve the desired result.

Let’s consider the work with the social network GOTYOU as an example.

The main goal was to demonstrate geo targeting possibilities of the network. Moreover it was necessary to show its efficient use for small and mid-sized business. We wrote a script along with the customer with the main idea of business promotion due to the application.
Our artists developed the style of the fictional town and its characters based on the concept of plastic world. This was done not by chance, but in order to cause the viewer positive emotions and show a simple solution of many problems related to advertising in business.

One of the most challenging tasks was to create the first scene with the fictional scene appearance on the screen (urban area). It was necessary to demonstrate the houses assembly, the appearance of trees and elements of the environment effectively. All items were animated manually and adjusted to the camera’s movement in order to make the process look more entertaining. Special attention should be paid to the characters that combined the principles of 2D and 3D animation.
Apart from 3D graphics in this clip were used 2D cut-ins and info graphics that were added across the finished 3D rendering.
As the result of our work we had an animated marketing video with high quality. It helped to draw attention to the GOTYOU social network, as well as the ability to apply it in business.

Such clips are actively used on the websites of the companies for new customers’ attraction and brand promotion. A similar tool will be perfect solution either for small growing companies or large players in the market. In addition to the video clip you will be able to order a set of high-quality advertising images to use it in banners, websites and for other needs. Thus, you are getting all the necessary material to promote your company.

result of work

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