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Commercial video

In modern conditions of competition for any successful advertising company you must have commercial video. High-quality commercials stand out against cheap analogues and attract more potential customers. Spectacular and easy on the eye commercial has a positive impact on the product image and is more credible to your brand or product. The use of cheap and poor quality presentations can cause a buyer’s negative reaction. The purpose of any advertisement is to attract attention to your product, to demonstrate its benefits brightly and colorful and to arouse a desire to buy the product or service. The important point here is that to achieve the desired effect the classical filming methods are not enough or the complexity of their implementation is beyond the project budget. To overcome these difficulties should be used methods of 3D graphics. You can bring to life any ideas saving money with more favorable looking clip as the result. Our team has huge experience in complex concepts realizing and its implementation for different needs.

Let’s consider it in terms of our work with LUXCLUB company for which we created commercial of VERTU mobile.

Initially, the concept of the video was to create a majestic image of the phone and to show that each part is unique and expensive. The space concept was chosen not by chance. It enabled to demonstrate each detail of the phone beneficially and to focus on their uniqueness and rarity. According to the scenario it was necessary to show the basic space effects: solar prominence, the evaporation of comets, collision of asteroids and the emergence of the star system. In the first stage we had to disassemble one of the real VERTU phone, so that our specialists were able to create 3D models of the phone internal parts and entirely. In parallel, we worked on the methods of major visual and dynamic effects implementation in the video. The main challenge was to convey realistic effects of the sun, prominences and plasma emission, and the collision of asteroids.

Miscalculation of the simulation clashes took about a week. Rendering of large comet was created using 2D graphics as well as evaporation of interstellar dust was done with the computer simulation method.

The final scene took a lot of time as in it all the phone parts had to be collected together with the dust and gas of protostar.
The result of our team work was spectacular and atmospheric video with plenty of beautiful visual scenes created for the elite and expensive phone. The movie collected a large number of reviews at various video hosting sites. It helped LUXCLUB company to increase sales of VERTU, thus proving the effectiveness of high-quality visual clips at contemporary market. Imaginative narration helped to draw attention of the large audience and gave a good response of the customers. It was a useful and unforgettable experience for our team.

result of work

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