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3D animation

High-quality 3d animation allows you to convey your ideas to the end customer effectively and accurately. You will be able to capture attention of the sponsors showing them the exact characteristics of any object visually and to get your presentation message across at the very high level. Also it’s much more profitable to create animated commercial video rather than to produce costly filming with unexpectedly poor quality.

Moreover you will be able to order you video project in 360 format that is one of the most popular and widely used by nowadays.


The most effective strategy for the goods and service realization is well-chosen visuals. Together with us you can demonstrate the full potential of the product to the end customer at its best. Whether it’s a demonstration of a new shoe brand or teaching foreign languages service advertising – all of your ideas we will bring into the virtual space and make them work for you!



Are an effective way to promote your product, brand, service or yourself with success at Russian market or abroad as well. Well-chosen visuals is a delicate and skillful tool to convey emotion and message of the author. It will help to reach the feelings of the viewer, to capture his attention and to achieve the desired result.



Demonstrates work of the complicated technical devices, its’ application and use clearly. It helps to convey to the buyer all the advantages and nuances of devices or objects in full and simple manner. This presentation will be a powerful tool for attracting new customers. This technology allows you to realize the idea of unusual camera angles fully or to demonstrate a non-existent object in details.



Would you like to create your own wildlife documentary or to add to your commercial video live emotional characters? Then we can help you with this! You will be able to turn into reality monsters from the Mesozoic era exactly as they were million years ago. Just realize any of your creative idea and we will bring it to life exactly according your wish.


The video creation process

For convenience and efficiency we divide our projects into stages that are first discussed and negotiated with our clients.

1. Gathering information about the project

To successfully execute the project we need detailed information about it. We appreciate any materials such as photographs, links to examples of something you like, a description of the task, information about where the video will be demonstrated and how long it will be. The more information you give the easier the working process will be. It also guarantees a more accurate result.
If you do not have all the necessary information we are always ready to offer our own solutions.

2. Script and concept development

Next, together with our client we define the main concept of the video and make the contract. The first stage of our work is writing the script, which reflects the video storyline and describes actions and characters. We also discuss the details concerning voiceover, music and sound effects. When the script is ready, we can evaluate the amount of work that has to be done and estimate the cost and timelines.
We prepare a specification which includes all the following stages of work, its timeframe and cost. Then we start working on the project.

3. Pre-production

We record a voiceover (if necessary), and use it to create an animatic which is a draft video demonstrating the main camera angles, animation, object positions and their movements. The animatic gives the client an idea of what the final product will look like even though it is only early stages of the process.

4. Creation of 3D models and assets

Alongside the third stage 3D objects are prepared and created, as are assets for all the scenes.
In the course of project implementation the team may perform photo surveys of required materials or search for references. After that we create models and textures.

5. Production

We complete the 3D object work, create the animation and renderings. At the end of this stage the customer sees a visually elaborate product, though not finished yet.

6. Post-production

This is a closing stage when we finalize the video scenes, put the finishing touches to the design and finish working on small details.
After post-production, the client gets the final product. The most important part of the process is that the customer is in full control of project implementation. As a result, you get exactly what you expected.


Promotional video GotYou

Advertising of the phone Vertu

Advertising of the phone Vertu

3D Animation Services

In today’s world all of us have a possibility to create everything we can only imagine. If we want to see a non-existent creature with 5 legs or a gorgeous prehistorical tyrannosaurus or we need an extraordinary presentation for a new business project we can just come to a company specializing in an animation production and they will make all our wishes come true. And, as now it’s the age of advanced digital technologies and a significant shift has been made in visual communication, lots of animation production companies provide 3D video production, 3D product animation, real-time rendering, medical animation or technical animation. Days of the 2D products are gone now, because now everything can be presented from all sides and angles.
3D animation services make us to have an illusion of movement of subjects using a sequence of shots generated from three-dimensional geometric data. With an increasing demand for an 3D animation production, a huge amount of companies have started to enlist their work to 3D animation companies that offer their services in 3D computer graphics. As far as 3D animation industry is digital it has endless possibilities and absolute freedom in creating every imaginable thing. And we can expect 3D animation services to be used in any media in accordance to our needs.

The profession of animator has no comparable counterparts at other kinds of art. When animator works at his product he transforms into many shapes, like painter, musician, sculptor, and even magician, who is able to imbue with life all his characters. On the top of this, he has to be a good actor for discovering all abilities of his body and creating the most realistic models.
Even with all modern computer technologies in making product animation, time-honored principles of animation, well-know from the work of Walt Disney and other masters of the 2D animation, lie at the heart of animation industry.

3D animation is professionally realized by 2 ways:

1) “Keyframe” (automatic formation of the transitional shot between two key frames with the usage of interpolation).
2) “Motion Capture” (the process of recording of movement of any subjects and its later use for the 3D product video).

An animator can produce objects without any expensive inputs, such as actors’ salary, decoration and others, which makes 3D animation production a lower-cost alternative of a usual technology of making videos. So people turning to 3D animation company can get the product of huge quality without wasting of huge amount of money.
Also, companies with different types of 3D product rendering services can create lots of styles of 3D animation rendering, such as motion capture animation or skeletal animation, and also make all sorts of presentations, video and mobile games, lifelike movies and other kind of 3D animation applications. 3D product animation services can be used not only for entertainment or for making a good-looking video of a party. There are also lots of different applications for business now and all monotonous and tedious presentation for getting some sponsor support can be converted into something engrossing and easy for perception. Besides 3D product animation video can be a good way of marketing presentation of the goods and services and will increase the amount of the potential clients.

3D animation services – it’s a new way in digital technologies and it should be used for getting the best results in every possible field of our work.

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