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360° video

Our team of RainStyle production experts is going to create media content in one of the most popular formats — panoramic video (360°). Ordering a video or animation 360, you will be able to provide your product to the end customer in more vivid and interesting way. In the game form the client will easily be able to feel himself in close proximity to the desired advertised item. Ordering and placing the video in the format of 360, you will attract additional interest in your product or service. Such an approach will have a positive impact on the development of your business.

The process of 360° video creating

All work is broken down into stages, which are discussed and agreed with the customer, to make it convenience and easier quality controlled.

1. Project information obtaining

We need to get the most complete information about the project for successful work. All the materials will be useful including such as photos, links to the desired examples, task description, information about where will be shown the video in 360° and how much time it will take. The more detailed is a description of the task and the more materials will be sent, the easier will be an operation process with more accurate results.
In case of information gap we are always ready to offer our solutions to the customer.

Video 360°2. Scenario development and concept of panoramic video

Onward together with the client we define the basic concept of the video and prepare a contract. The first stage of the work will be to develop scenarios for the future project. In the scenario we describe in details the entire history of video in 360°, the actions and actors. Also we discuss all the items of the announcer’s voice, music and sound effects. Once the script is ready, we will be able to assess the amount of work on the project, and finally determine the cost and lead time.
We prepare a technical specification which prescribes all future stages of works, their timing and cost. Then we start to work on the project.

360° video3. Pre-production

Having agreed all the points of the previous stage, we start recording the announcer’s voice (if needed), and begin to create the animatic on the basis of voice. It is a rough video showing the basic camera angle, rough animation, layout of objects in the scene and their actions. The animatic allows the client to understand how a final product will approximately look like in the middle of the project stage.

Video 360°4. 3D models and assets creating

The preparation and creation of 3D objects and assets for all of the video scenes are carried out in parallel with the third stage.
In the process of work the team can go out for photography required materials and to look for the required references. The next step is models and textures creating.

5. Production

At this stage the work with 3D objects and panoramic views ends. The final animation and render are creating. At the end of this phase the customer sees not yet executed but visually sophisticated material.

Final 360° video6. Post-production

This is the final stage at which we brought each episode of the video to the final view, superimpose the final touches to the design and finalize small details.
After post-production completion the client receives the final product. The most important thing in this scheme is that at each stage the customer controls the entire process of project creation. In the result becomes exactly the product that he expected to receive.


Promotional video GotYou

Advertising of the phone Vertu

Advertising of the phone Vertu

What are panoramic videos in 360° degree format.

This format is unique and a fresh idea. It not only allows you to capture or create space of the shots in 3D but also give the viewer a sense of personal presence!

Primarily panoramic video is interesting for the fact that you have the opportunity to move your virtual sights on the more interesting points in the frame. It helps to see every moment of the video phased and enjoy precisely the thing you like.

In the end we have a format that allows to represent wider any of the advertised products. It gives the ability to give the end user more interaction with the product and unusual way of brand promotion. All these elements are perfect for those who are focused on the development of its business and brand.

The profession of animator has no comparable counterparts at other kinds of art. When animator works at his product he transforms into many shapes, like painter, musician, sculptor, and even magician, who is able to imbue with life all his characters. On the top of this, he has to be a good actor for discovering all abilities of his body and creating the most realistic models.
Even with all modern computer technologies in making product animation, time-honored principles of animation, well-know from the work of Walt Disney and other masters of the 2D animation, lie at the heart of animation industry.

Which technologies can be used for it?

The content production in the format of panoramic video is not a trivial task so far even with the wide use of specialized equipment and software.

Slow spread of 360 degrees video technology can be attributed to a number of difficulties: a large volume of processed materials, partially manual process, expensive equipment, and most importantly — the lack of a convenient means of viewing. Indeed, the only way to view 360 videos before the advent of VR headsets was a special player in which the user has the option to rotate the mouse “around”.

With VR headsets the situation has changed – the user is “inside” video and feels almost complete immersion in the virtual space. In a large number of different creative groups and start-ups who implement own technological solutions for shooting 360° video characterized with remarkable diversity and characteristics.


The use of binaural audio

One of the important tasks while creating content for “360 Videos” is the recording and reproduction of surround sound – as the user using such a video in the virtual reality helmet is supposed to hear different sound depending on the head position!

In game engines this problem is solved by using special software that specifies the location of sound sources in the virtual space. However, with the advent of the “Video 360°” format, and the possibility of recording in this format, musical concerts, there is a need to record sound as accurately as it can be heard by a person standing at a certain point.

Researchers use binaural sound for this purpose, – it is recorded with special microphones repeating the form of the person’s ear.

One of the most famous works, made with the help of technology of binaural audio is the concert band Beck:

Where Video 360° can be posted?

TThis quite natural question comes to mind to everyone who wants to post his video on the Internet. A few years this was a serious problem, because most of the major video hosting sites didn’t support such technology. One of the first to create a video preview in a 360 degree platforms was YouTube. Starting in 2015, the possibility of registration and playback of panoramic video was implemented.

How it works with business and brand promotion?

The effect of immersion.
Viewing such material every person has the impression of personal presence in the scene. It has a beneficial effect on perception of the information which author wants to convey.
Innovative approach in advertising and marketing.
Videos and promotions in the format of 360 degree will help you to show your goods using advanced technology and resources. The consumer will be interested not only to view a video, but to explore the content that you offer in a playful manner as well.
Increase sales by mass media promotion.
By starting to promote your company or brand with the help of new technologies you will attract the attention of not only customers but also the media who prefer to demonstrate creative and unusual content at their resources.
Unlimited scope.
Technology panoramic video is suitable for all areas of activity. Ranging from advertising services of surgical clinic in which you will be able to attend and take part in the operation virtually to the hiring a person to the car service center where you will be able to show to the potential and highly qualified workers their future workplace.

Real estate activities

Let’s say you own a real estate company or are a realtor. To sale real estate you need to take a few steps.

The first step is the search of a client — at this stage panoramic video will attract the future buyer of unusual advertising format in which it is pre-acquainted with the desired product. Unusual presentation of information will necessarily remain in his mind as opposed to already bored commercials.

The second step is the customer retention and the selling deal itself. When the customer is already interested in your offer you can demonstrate his future acquisition more clearly and vividly. A great advantage here is that the customer will not have to go anywhere to get acquainted with the product; it can be done directly at his desk or in your office and make a decision about the purchase.

This is one of the ordinary examples of panoramic photography technology use in real estate activities.

It is also important to note that these videos should be created by modeling all the objects in 3D than using the camera, what will give the opportunity to show off your construction with a better hand. A demonstrative example is one of our interiors which you may find in the portfolio along with other works.


Tourism is one of the best areas to apply panoramic video technology. You will be able to gain the trust of your customers showing them any desired aspects of their future activities. 360 video format will enable them to become familiar with a chosen resort without leaving the office. This will expand the choice for your customers. Those who were afraid to go to certain countries, will be able to evaluate beforehand to avoid negative emotions, so the client will come back to you again!

Panoramic video of Kalmar city that is located in the North-East of France.

A good example of a quality material in this field is our video of “Izumrudniy” village which clearly demonstrates excellent place to stay. This effect is impossible to achieve by standard shooting, however, with the use of 3D technologies modeling it is pursuable to create hyper realistic landscape which attracts the customer.

Air service

One of the clearest cases is 360 degrees video in the cockpit of a passenger plane. This unusual spectacle is interested for a lot of people. Just even one video of Brik Company which demonstrates the flight from Geneva to Zurich has 10 million views. The unprecedented demand for such content has arisen due to the fact that not everyone can has an opportunity to visit the cockpit during flight while this experience is interested to many!

The video from the cockpit.

However, you must understand that such videos are not always safe. It is better to avoid at your flights but in case you want similar material we will be able to help you with it. By reconstructing a photorealistic cockpit in 3D space we can simulate their flight. As a result you will receive panoramic video with higher quality and avoid possible excesses with the camera during the flight.


A great tool to demonstrate the quality, volumes and terms of work will be the technology of panoramic video. Either the report for the customer or the future project presentation to the masses will be able to be realized with full immersion in the process. Similar technical solutions can be estimated by Dubai video.

It is worth to note that it is not always possible to physically shoot a building, or to show its internal structure when it is ready. Perhaps the building is not built yet or there is only its drawing. In this case, all this parts can be simulated in 3D space. Our experts are not just able to make you picture in high quality but also give the opportunity to explore every piece of the building in a detailed approximation.

Museums and exhibitions

360° video is an excellent choice for distant learning of museums and exhibitions all over the world. By purchasing a virtual ticket, you will be able to study art, to see the interactive video trips, to attend musical or theatrical performance. With the help of total immersion panoramic video will have a lasting impression on the viewer.

Virtual tour of museums in Italy.

It’s also important to remember that there is the possibility of creating a private Museum in 3D space, which is also suitable for the panoramic video format. With this technology you can not only create virtual existing Museum but also to create your own. The possible variant is the Museum of own factory, where you will be able to demonstrate every manufactured item or product in the virtual space.


Park and attraction advertising

If you want to attract visitors to your amusement Park show what awaits them! Even better would be to show the emotions that had those who have been on your Russian mountains (roller coaster). In showing emotions and rides’ demonstrations can help panoramic video.

A similar promotion of their entertainment territories engaged in one of the largest amusement parks Six Flags

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